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SMARTFILM Visual Communication Ltd.

H-1032 Budapest, Kiscelli u. 7-9. HUNGARY
info [at]
+36 70 / 452 - 7078  Balint Juhasz
+36 70 / 672 - 2979  Andras Baross


We are Smartfilm.

We are a Budapest-based film and video production company with multinational clients. Since our establishment in 2011 we provide visual communication solutions for our clients from pre-production to shooting and post-production. Our goal is to make Your projects even better and more successful with our creative ideas and personalized visual solutions.

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Film is one of the most important tools of modern communication. It effectively delivers your message and helps to remember it over and over again. It doesn’t matter if it is a classic commercial film, viral video or PR-film, Smartfilm Visual is the smart solution.


Sound is just as important as the image itself. Good sound mixing is not an extra anymore, it is a basic expectation that your film has to meet. Smartfilm Visual’s job is to create the perfect harmony of moving images and sound.


Anyone can make pictures. But making great pictures is not that easy. If you need perfect quality photos, you can always count on Smartfilm Visual.

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owner, CEO

I’ve been making videos since 2006. I started with smaller projects as a cameraman and editor. Later I worked in short films as an assistant director and production assistant. In 2011, I started my own company, Smartfilm with my friend and colleague, Andras.


owner, CEO

I have always been interested in creation, visuality and editing. I graduated from college in a major of communication. I started to make videos in 2003. At first it was only for my own amusement, but later it slowly bacame my job: I made videos for companies and organisations. In 2011 I started Smartfilm with my friend, Balint. We have been working here together since then.

Laszlo TUSOR

photographer, designer

Ever since I was a little boy, there has always been some kind of photographic equipment around me in the family, so it was natural that I started to take pictures on holidays to capture memories. This was way back in the analogue era. Later, during my photographic studies, I was fortunate enough to work with film and do analogue photo development in a lab. This experience created a solid base for my digital work.
At first, as a hobby photographer, I was interested in landscapes and autonomous event and human portrayal. I have been working as a professional photographer since 2010. I joined Smartfilm in 2014 as a photographer and designer.



After my graduation from the university, I started to work at two national television channels as a cameraman. At first I approached imaging from the graphic designer perspective, but when I became familiar with the objective and deeply personal art of film photography, it was evident for me to change. I started to work as DOP in videoclips and commercials. I worked in many different countries, and the feedback about my work was always positive. My aim is to continue this tendency in the Smartfilm team as well, so that the results can undoubtedly speak for themselves.


sound designer

I started my carreer as a theater sound designer and also worked at festivals and concerts behind the mixer tables. I have always loved fimmaking. I worked as sound designer in many short films and commercials – on location or at post production. I also work for many national television networks. I am a part of Smartfilm since 2012.

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